This is a piece of legislation that has been introduced by parliament as part of the Digital Economy Act, which came into force on the 1st October 2018 as part of the Communications Act.​


Billing limits will apply to all new mobile contracts, including re-signs, taken out from 1st October 2018 and aim to significantly reduce the risk of bill-shock.


The guidelines have been outlined by Ofcom here.


Setting a bill limit means that once your out of bundle charges reach the set amount, certain services on your mobile device will be barred. In the event that you breach your bill limit, we still offer access to inclusive allowances (like tariff allowances and bolt-ons), free of charge services and emergency services. However, for example if you have used all of your inclusive data allowance, and incur data charges that breach your bill limit, your data will then be barred.


We are prohibited from charging beyond the set bill limit, even if you exceed the amount and the service is not restricted or highlighted by us in time.


This service allows you to set a bill limit (£) against each individual mobile number. Only mobile numbers contracted from 1st October 2018 are eligible for bill limits. Bill limits exclude line rentals.


To manage your bill limit(s), log into the My Account portal. Click the Asset Management menu option and then Mobile Management. Find the mobile number(s) you want to update, using filters if needed, then tick the box(es) next to the relevant number(s) in the left-hand column.


Select the Update Bill Limits action from Select Actions then click Apply.


The page will display all your current month’s bill limits and next month’s bill limits.


If you would like to clear the current month’s bill limit, then select the Clear limits option and click Submit. If you would like to set a new bill limit from next month then select the Set limit from next month option, enter your new value, and then click Submit.


Confirm you understand the change and are happy to proceed. The change will now have been submitted. You can monitor the change on the History tab within Mobile Management.