Could Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) be leveraged to improve communication in schools?

In today’s digitally-driven world, the pressure is on for education providers to adopt modern communication strategies that keep students, parents, and staff connected. Relying on outdated systems and disjointed processes is no longer an option.

For a sector burdened by tight budgets and weighty responsibilities, implementing a robust communications strategy might seem impossible. However, CCaaS offers a modern solution that can help streamline operations and improve connections without straining systems or staff.

In this article, we delve into how CCaaS can revolutionise your school communication strategy and why this is a smart investment for educational institutions.


Five key ways CCaaS enhances communication in schools


1. Streamlining disparate communications systems

Many educational institutions struggle to maintain high-quality communications due to the accumulation of multiple, disjointed systems over time. This is compounded by a lack of integration, and limited IT resource to manage these complexities. As a result, such fragmentation leads to inefficiencies, communication breakdowns, increased administrative burdens and more.

But this is where contact centre solutions can work wonders for the school communication strategy.

CCaaS supports schools in modernising and unifying disparate systems into a single, streamlined platform. This consolidation significantly reduces the time and effort spent managing multiple applications, enabling more effective and efficient communications among students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

2. Boosting parental involvement through omnichannel communications

Active parental involvement  is crucial for student success, particularly in the early years of education. However, outdated communication technologies often leave schools reactive rather than proactive, making it difficult to nurture these essential relationships.

Without the necessary infrastructure for collaboration, students’ needs may be overlooked, missing opportunities for targeted support, while impacting the academic growth and achievement metrics that schools are able to reach.

By providing a unified platform for all school communications activity, CCaaS can maintain closer contact with parents through digital channels like webchat and email. Empowered with omnichannel communication capabilities, schools can deliver targeted messages and updates without adding to the workload of teachers or administrative staff. This approach enhances parental engagement and support for students, aligning perfectly with an effective school communication strategy.

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3. Reducing inbound call volume with self-service options for schools

Schools regularly face demanding peak call periods, making a quality communications experience feel near impossible.

Early mornings are inundated with calls to report absence, explain lateness and more. Yet, in an attempt to fulfil a basic school requirement, parents feel frustrated by the struggle of engaging contact, and receptionists are left feeling overwhelmed and strained.

CCaaS offers a valuable solution by providing self-service options that handle common queries through automated channels like webchat, SMS, or email. These interactions are recorded in a centralised platform, streamlining communication processes. By reducing these routine yet time-consuming tasks, the school communication experience becomes more efficient and manageable for staff, while providing a more connected and convenient experience for parents.

4. Cutting costs on school communication infrastructure

Operating multiple legacy systems across various providers can be costly for educational institutions. To ensure the highest level of security, system hardware must be maintained and upgraded regularly. However, this incurs significant expenses, especially for those with minimal IT resources.

Being a cloud-based solution, contact centres eliminate the need for costly hardware and associated maintenance fees. These solutions are easily scalable, enabling schools to adjust their system, and their costs, according to demand. This flexibility also allows for savings on communication costs during holiday periods when demand, and consequently the support needed to manage demand, is significantly reduced.

5. Ensuring compliance and security when managing student data

Education providers must adhere to strict compliance and security standards when managing student data. Therefore, any technology adopted must help them meet and exceed these rigid regulatory requirements.

Hosted contact centre solutions ensure compliance with regulations, such as GDPR, by providing regular updates and security enhancements. This reduces the pressure and costs associated with maintaining regulatory compliance, allowing schools to focus more on the growth and development of students while ensuring their data is protected. This makes CCaaS an invaluable part of any modern school communication strategy.

The bottom line?

CCaaS presents a significant opportunity for education providers to modernise their school communication systems, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. By streamlining systems, improving parental involvement and embracing self-service, CCaaS addresses many critical challenges faced by schools today.

Embracing CCaaS shows that it is not just about keeping up with the trends; it is about creating a more connected and efficient educational environment for all.


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