The energy sector has long embraced technological advancements to adapt and evolve. Facing challenges of sustainability, emission reduction, price hikes and more, new technology is key to finding innovative solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is proving to be a game-changer in the industry, helping companies to operate more safely and sustainably.

Optimising energy resources

Equipping sensors and production equipment with IoT technology can optimise resources like never before. IoT-enabled devices can be used to monitor industrial settings, collecting real-time data and then using it to optimise processes. If any equipment isn’t working to optimal levels, operators will be alerted right away. Energy consumption and waste can also be reduced at various stages of output thanks to close monitoring.

Intelligent grid management

Implementing IoT technology into energy grids allows companies to monitor them in real time so they can manage power flow and consumption. It allows them to make informed decisions about network configuration and more, or they can use IoT to automate these decisions on their behalf. In urgent scenarios such as outages, power can be redirected from damaged lines to prevent hazards.

Smart meters

At a consumer level, smart meters are being used to analyse energy consumption by households or buildings. This allows customers to see how much power their appliances and devices are using, helping them to better manage their usage and cut down on bills. IoT devices can also be used to automatically set and control usage, for example lights that switch off when people have left a room or thermostats that control room temperatures.

Proactive repairs

Rather than having to fix a problem after it occurs and go through the trouble of finding the source of said problem, IoT can be used to proactively spot circuits or equipment showing signs of damage. For example, humidity sensors in offshore wind turbines can alert operators to any spikes in humidity that could cause problems. This allows for quicker and more efficient maintenance, saving on time and costs.

Benefit from IoT

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