With the rapid pace of technological change, schools are facing increasing pressure to provide rich, inclusive learning experiences, all while streamlining and automating administrative tasks. However, navigating the world of technology for education is no simple task. But that’s why we’re here.

In this blog, we’ll dive into four of the essential tools for a stronger, safer, more streamlined experience for all. On top of this, we’ll de-mystify how these tools can help you can tackle common challenges and reap the benefits of technology in education.


Tools to transform the schooling experience


Improved Wi-Fi access points

One of the crucial steps in enriching the educational experience involves ensuring that students have access to a dependable and secure internet connection. Research from Secure Edge echoes this importance, with a staggering 63% of respondents acknowledging that their current bandwidth is too low to support the digital learning tools they’re looking to employ.

The installation of enhanced Wi-Fi coverage across the school not only facilitates quick and hassle-free access to educational resources but also mitigates interruptions in learning, which is likely to have a profound impact on productivity and performance. Although it might appear to be a minor detail, robust Wi-Fi for schools really can have a large influence on students’ outcomes and future prospects.

Content filtering for online safety

Once you have concrete foundations, enabling easy access to school Wi-Fi, next comes the challenge of regulating the digital learning tools that students can engage with.

Implementing firewalls and web content filtering software for schools will empower your teachers to maintain control of the use of classroom resources, thereby creating a secure and productive online environment. Recent statistics reveal that approximately seven in ten students utilise digital learning tools for schoolwork outside of school premises on multiple occasions each week. This proactive approach not only enhances the learning experience for students but also alleviates the concerns of teaching staff regarding students’ online exposure, particularly when they utilise school-provided laptops and tablets beyond the school environment.

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Streamlined school communications

The efficiency of your school’s communication system plays a crucial role in overall productivity. Adopting a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution brings advanced features like IVR, auto-attendant, call queuing, voicemail, and virtual mailboxes. Employing VoIP in schools can help automate contact channels, direct messages to the right departments and individuals, while also saving time for reception staff and minimising the stress of high call volume hours.

Furthermore, it’s imperative to note that legacy telephony systems will be phased out by December 2025. Because of this, there is a critical need for educational institutions to embrace modernised communication channels. Failure to do so may result in technological hurdles that could disrupt or even sever communication with parents seeking to contact your school.

Productivity and flexibility

Equipping both students and educators with powerful productivity tools such as Microsoft Suite, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams opens doors to enhanced collaboration. Recent surveys show resounding support for digital learning tools among educators, with 81% of teachers, 88% of principals, and 92% of administrators expressing agreement about their current value in the classroom. These percentages are even higher when considering the future, with 85%, 93%, and 95% of teachers, principals, and administrators, respectively, foreseeing great value in the use of productivity tools in the classroom.

These robust platforms not only facilitate collaboration but also make education accessible to a diverse range of needs, fostering inclusive learning experiences. Additionally, the mobility inherent in these tools liberates learning from the confines of the physical classroom, enabling a more flexible and adaptable educational journey that seamlessly aligns with the dynamic digital landscape.

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