As revealed in our recent article, the latest customer experience (CX) trends are presenting a crystal clear case for omnichannel customer service.

With customer demand intensifying, businesses are finding that exceeding expectations is no longer just a competitive edge but a fundamental requirement for success. However, for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the challenge lies in keeping pace with the escalating demand for omnichannel experiences. Can SMBs realistically implement and benefit from these advanced CX strategies?

This article explores what omnichannel customer service entails, how it differs from multi-channel strategies, and whether SMBs can harness its potential to enhance customer satisfaction and improve productivity.


What is omnichannel customer service?

Omnichannel customer service is a modern approach, involving the delivery of support across multiple communication channels concurrently. This CX strategy is designed to empower customers with unparalleled flexibility, allowing them to engage across various platforms whenever and however they prefer.

For businesses, implementing omnichannel service strategies means juggling an array of interactions – the usual inbound stream of calls coupled with webchat conversations, email chains and social media messages – all in real-time. However, the complexity goes beyond mere presence across multiple channels.

While multi-channel communication involves using several channels, true omnichannel service seamlessly integrates channels to provide a cohesive and frictionless experience. This entails streamlining the flow of inbound interactions so service employees are armed with context. Therefore to deliver omnichannel service, businesses must consolidate conversation tracking and data recording into a centralised hub, ensuring each customer receives precise, consistent and informed support regardless of the interaction channel.

Conquering omnichannel customer service demands significant effort, or so it seems. Is this a CX strategy SMBs can realistically implement?

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Can SMBs effectively deliver omnichannel experiences?

It’s true; manual attempts at managing omnichannel experiences can be detrimental to service, even for enterprise-level businesses.

Research shows that 11% of service employees’ time is wasted navigating between multiple applications during customer interactions, while an additional 25% is spent searching for case-related information1. Over time, this inefficiency adds up, resulting in a cumbersome and disjointed experience for both employees and customers alike.

Fortunately, businesses of all sizes can rise to meet the demands of the modern customer when paired with the right tools.

The tool in question? Contact centre software, also known as Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).

CCaaS is a web-based platform equipped with a suite of flexible tools to enhance the delivery and management of customer service activities. Among its capabilities, CCaaS excels in facilitating omnichannel communication strategies.

By unifying communication channels within a single platform, contact centre solutions empower employees with a centralised hub to effortlessly track and manage all inbound interactions, while storing the historic data needed to gain context and curate relevant recommendations.

So, can SMBs really deliver effective omnichannel service?

While implementing modern service strategies may seem daunting for resource-constrained SMBs, omnichannel experiences are entirely achievable and cost-effective with the right tools at their disposal. With the support of contact centre software, small to medium-sized businesses can efficiently implement and thrive with omnichannel tactics, delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

Interested in exploring the potential of contact centre software? Dive into our starter guide, designed especially to support SMBs harness the power of omnichannel customer service.

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1Aberdeen Group, 2016.

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