For several months now, the telecoms industry has been warning about the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) switch off in 2025. It’s been called a scaremongering tactic by some. The arrival and launch of SoGEA proves that 2025 is being prepared for and SoGEA represents arguably the biggest step yet towards the shake-up of telecoms.

It’s a Tradition

For decades we’ve used the PSTN and its copper wires to make phone calls to each other. Broadband was introduced to consumers in the 1990s and up until now there’s only been one option to purchase it. Customers have had to buy their phone service as well as phone line rental first before buying broadband over the top of the analogue line.

However, recent research suggests that 67.2% of the UK only have a landline to access broadband services. This is further proof that we’re ready for a new way of communicating, collaborating and connecting.

Single and Stripped

Sounds like an online dating tagline right? But that’s what SoGEA is. It’s a single order product stripped back so you’re only getting a broadband connection. There’s nothing else and definitely no strings attached.

The world is a totally different place to what it was when broadband launched. Back then, we used rotary phones to call our friends and family. We only made calls after 6pm and it always had to be less than an hour to get the free calls in! And then there was the added complication of not being able to use the phone and the internet at the same time.

Now, mobile has become our go-to device for communicating with friends and family and dial-up internet is something most people under the age of 18 have no recollection of. We’re now used to instant access connectivity and unlimited call tariffs on our mobiles. The purchase of new landline phones is few and far between.

Hence the need for a single order, stripped back product like SoGEA which gives you the fast speeds and reliable connectivity. It also comes without the added complication and hassle of buying phone line rental and phone services which, quite frankly, you won’t really be using.

What Are The Benefits?

For a business looking to evolve with the modern world, the question should be ‘how do I get SOGEA?’ But if you’re still wondering what the benefits are, we’ll list a few below.

  • Openreach are claiming SoGEA is 50% quicker to install than regular broadband because, as aforementioned, the phone line complication has been eradicated
  • With the PSTN Switch Off coming up, SOGEA gives your business the capability of embracing VoIP technology
  • It’s the biggest disruption to telecoms in decades, why wouldn’t your business want to be at the forefront of that?
  • SOGEA could be slightly cheaper as, with the costs of line rental and phone services taken away, the broadband service could cost slightly less
  • Quicker fix times could be feasible as, with one single order you’ll only have one call to make if you experience a fault. Previously, you may have had to make calls to your phone service provider and your broadband provider before getting to the root cause of the issue. With one single order, you’ll only make one single call
  • No call traffic could give users a better quality connection service as there’ll be less traffic on the line therefore less interruptions
  • Canada and Europe already have products like SOGEA in place so, by investing in SOGEA, you’ll be bringing your business in line with the globe

The Time Is Now

The need for a collaborative phone system which easily connects your suppliers, teams and customers to each other in order for them to effectively communicate has never been greater. Not only is the traditional phone network being switched off in four years, but remote working has also taken huge leaps forward.

SoGEA makes switching to hosted telephony easier than ever before. It equips your business with a remote working ready phone system which is seamless and simple to use. With a single order connectivity product, you’ll not only benefit from the speeds and reliability your business depends upon but you’ll also be able to equip your business for the future.

To find out more about SoGEA, head over to our connectivity pages.