Mobile Device Management (MDM) can help keep your business safe, secure and give you control over your mobile fleet.

Not only does MDM help your business to keep its devices safe despite remote working; it allows you to automatically install updates across your fleet from wherever you might be.

From a single console you’ll be able to manage and configure IoT across your smartphones, tablets and laptops. You’ll also be able to enhance your end-user support and gather important analytics to help you better manage your workforce.

With Mobile Device Management there’s no need to feel at a loose end as MDM business allows you to stay in control and protect every mobile device within your fleet to ensure sensitive data stays secure. Remotely manage your business devices via our online portal and preserve your data by wiping devices.

Our mobile device protection plan let’s you monitor data usage in real-time and set alerts for your devices should they go over your limits. Daisy has a range of mobile offers on either O2, Vodafone or EE, including MDM business, which can be tailored to wherever you work and depending on the coverage in the area. To allow you to concentrate on running your business, we can also combine multiple tariffs from different networks on one single bill.

With Mobile Device Management, you’ll get a solution that has your emails, apps and policies configured out-of-the-box. What’s more, we’ll ensure your VPN can be deployed and configured to your fleet of mobile devices.

Remote lock function, real-time location information, factory wipe, selective wipe and self-service user portal are all features which will ensure your devices stay safe no matter where your employees are working.

Implement a usage cap easily to ensure you’re managing your data effectively and, if required, ensure applications are only used whilst connected to WiFi.

To find out more about MDM, visit our mobile device management page.