In these challenging times, everyone is looking at ways to save money and cut business bills down as much as possible and a business SIM-only plan could be one option.

However, most businesses need an internet connection, a phone line or mobile phone to keep them connected to their suppliers, customers and colleagues.

Despite most businesses opting for a business mobile phone contract, there’s now an easier and cheaper way to have all the benefits of a business mobile fleet without the lengthy contract and costly bills.

Coronavirus Costings

It’s not hard to realise that many businesses will be looking at where they can cut costs and trim bills where possible as they emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. A mobile contract can be a considerable cost for a mobile business fleet. Not only do you pay for your data, minutes and texts, but the value of the smartphone is also factored into the final bill. Not to mention that you’re often tied into the contracts for months.

In a post-COVID-19 world, SIM-only plans could benefit several businesses as they look for cheaper and cost-effective alternatives. Some telecoms companies are offering 30-day rolling SIM-only contracts which could be ideal for companies facing an uncertain future and who want to concentrate on tackling the situation on a month-by-month basis. A business SIM-only deal can help you stay connected without the commitment.

Flexible Upgrades

While at the moment, phone upgrades will arguably be the last thing on a business wish list, a SIM-only plan provides flexibility once businesses are back on their feet. Having a SIM-only plan leaves the choice of smartphone in the hands of the company. At any time the business wants to upgrade, or even downgrade, the option is there as the SIM-only plan can be moved from one smartphone to another, whenever you want to do so.

Choice of Network

With some telecoms providers, you have a choice of networks, and they’ll work with you to determine which mobile network would be best for you depending on your business locations. If you have more than one office location but each location suits a different mobile network, some telecoms providers will offer you two different networks, but you’ll only have one bill.

If you’re a sole trader, you might already have trust and faith in one network and having a business SIM-only plan with that network is important for you and your business. Having a SIM-only plan gives you numerous options of networks and tariffs, meaning you get the best, and cheapest, deal for you and your business.