In an era of working from home, from the office, from location, or anywhere in between; communication is key. Now more than ever we rely on the electrical bonds that tie us together, be they a mobile phone on a building site, or the new IP handsets that keep offices running. Whether you’re static or mobile, you need to be connected and ensure you have a range of telecoms solutions to keep you connected.

We have a range of telecoms solutions that will keep you ahead of the game and unaffected by the upcoming 2025 PSTN Switch Off. The Switch Off will turn all analogue phonelines off so, if you’re still using a landline, you’ll want to consider our VoIP offers as the perfect replacement for you.

If you’re out and about, looking to stay connected or embrace the Internet of Things, then we’ve got the right SIM deals for you. At Daisy Comms, we want to keep the nation connected and keep our businesses thriving.

Here’s all you need to know about how our telecoms solutions can keep your business connected.

VoIP Solutions

If you’re looking for a phoneline replacement, but aren’t sure where to start then we recommend VoIP Phone Lite. It’s your old phoneline, but more flexible, more customisable and more reliable. With DHV Lite you can record unique answerphone messages, set Out of Hours times, and answer calls from an IP handset, laptop, tablet or mobile. Better still, you can keep your business’ number, so you don’t have the hassle of rebranding. Find out more about DHV Lite.

But maybe you’re looking for more functionality? Meet Daisy Hosted Voice. DHV is suitable for businesses that need interdepartmental call transference, hunt groups and more. It grows with your business and there are a truly wonderful number of add-ons that let you scale to your needs. Ideal for home, office and flexible working, staff can login using a digital interface from wherever they are. Both Daisy Hosted Voice and DHV Lite rely on Gamma’s incredibly robust and reliable network, so you’ll have the perfect phoneline for you wherever you are. Find out more about Daisy Hosted Voice.

Mobile Solutions

It isn’t all about phonelines. Sometimes you need a more mobile solution. Quite literally. If you’re looking to equip your employees with their very own mobiles, then look no further than here at Daisy Comms. We have a variety of devices and networks for you to choose from, everything from Apple to Samsung, we’ve got you and your staff covered. Check out our incredible business deals here.

If you’re looking to connect more than your staff, we also have a SIMs capable of connecting your IoT devices. Whether you want to check the temperature of your fridges automatically or get machinery to tell you when it needs repairing ahead of time, your IoT is going to need a stable, reliable connection that works wherever you need it to. With Daisy Anywhere you get just that. By combining the UK’s leading networks into one SIM, Daisy Anywhere IoT SIM keeps you connected to the strongest signal in the area. Not only that, but your SIMs can share data. For example, if you have ten 1GB data SIM cards, you will have an aggregated pool of 10GB to pick from meaning that one SIM could use 2GB, while another uses just 200MB and you pay no extra. So, if you’re looking to keep your IoT connected, or your mobile needs data across the country, check out Daisy Anywhere.

Keeping You Connected

At Daisy, we believe Connectivity is the most important tool a business can have. That’s why we we have honed our range of telecoms solutions to keep you connected. Whether you’re looking for mobiles, IP phones, VoIP Solutions, data SIMs, we’re here to help.

Telecoms solutions

Have any questions about our telecoms solutions and would like to find out more? Use the links below to get in touch, our experienced sales team will be happy to help.