Choosing the right Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider for your business has never been more important.

Not only is it vital to get the best quality system for calls while providing value for money, cloud-based telephony is going to be the only game in town after the PSTN switch off in 2025.

So, whether you’re considering a switch to VoIP for the very first time or are looking to review your existing provider, this article will help you assess whether you are getting everything you need from your system.

Considering a switch? Here are the basics of VoIP

A successful business must prioritise its communications system to ensure smooth and productive customer experiences. Customers who are looking for simple inquiries from your business don’t expect – or tolerate – difficulties reaching you after they have chosen to place their trust in your product or service.

Unlike a traditional, out-dated phone line, a VoIP system eliminates the reliance on a physical phone in a static location. Instead, it utilises an internet connection to make and receive calls. This means your staff can be reachable both remotely or in the office, and your customers don’t have to wait to be put through to a member of your team. It also means you can scale your phone system as your business needs change, making adding new users a quick and simple task.

The beauty of VoIP is that it extends beyond your office doors, providing a reliable service to both your staff and customers, as well as an affordable alternative for you; as VoIP offers you toll-free numbers which can be used by multiple people within your team, in contrast to a traditional phone that thrives on charging you hefty call rates.

The flexibility VoIP presents you is a reward that keeps on giving, it’s ideal for both small-scale companies and bigger operations, and offers you an extensive range of features that are otherwise unachievable with a traditional phone system.

Are you getting the most out of your VoIP provider?

Whether reviewing your existing system or wondering what you should look for if you’re installing VoIP for the first time you need to look at several key things. One of the first questions you should be asking yourself next is, has the performance of your existing VoIP system been at a quality that you expect – or how is your traditional system holding you back?

If your business is expanding or you’re looking to hire more employees, an easy-to-use web portal to manage and add users to your phone system is essential. Gone are the days where you need to call out an engineer for such a simple alteration.

VoIP is a modern solution in this rapidly advancing world and the existing option to install extra applications to improve business efficiency is another green flag. VoIP systems enable you to route calls and messages to any devices of your choice – allowing your employees to remain in touch with customers and each other. Most suppliers will be able to offer you a softphone for multiple platform use, while others allow a wider leeway and allow you to use their service with any app you desire. This is definitely something to look out for if your business requires any specific apps or integrations.

Although VoIP systems are easy to set-up and navigate, your provider should still be able to support you in how best to use your VoIP system without relying heavily on a complex manuals. You can boost employee efficiency on a new system simply through access to informational videos or training sessions and the ideal provider will be able to offer this to you.

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We offer a practical selection of products to suit every professional need regardless of the scale of your business, to bring you dependable and cost-effective solutions.

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