What is Fibre Flex?

Fibre Flex is a contemporary product, that comes at no extra cost to your customer. It offers them symmetrical, assured 200Mb service but they’ll be able to use up to 1Gb whenever it’s possible.

The GPON network (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks), which Fibre Flex uses, is shared meaning your customers can reduce their costs and infrastructure while increasing bandwidth.

The shared fibre network is nothing to worry about, it just means it is limited to a very small number of other customers to ensure bandwidth is always available and your customer’s Fibre Flex Ethernet is always on.

Currently available in: Aberdeen, Bracknell, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Gloucester, Huddersfield, Leeds, Leicester, Maidenhead, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Nottingham, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Reading, Rotherham, Sheffield, Slough, Southend, Swindon and Wakefield.

Benefits of Fibre Flex?

  • 1000Mb capable symmetrical bandwidth
  • Guaranteed dedicated 200Mb minimum
  • Delivered using Fibre GPON technology
  • Available in 27 towns & cities
  • Built in smart capabilities
  • 5 business hour repair SLA
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Free DDoS cyber security
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