Why mobile device management?

Make sure your customers’ businesses aren’t left vulnerable – With remote working on the increase, flexibility, productivity and mobility are key factors for any business.

With Mobile Device Management your customers can stay in control and protect all their mobile devices to ensure sensitive data stays secure.

With our online portal, your customer can remotely manage their business devices, which enables them to wipe devices of sensitive data. Our Protection plan also means they can monitor usage and set alerts for over-usage. Employees can also stay connected via instant messaging software that your customer can configure for each device, tailoring it to the business specifications.

Benefits of mobile device management

  • Our partnerships with vendors who have 20 years of experience in business mobile management ensure we’ve got access to the leading technology
  • Simple to set-up and ready to use within minutes
  • 24/7/365 UK-based customer service and technical support
Daisy Device Management
Manage smartphones, tablets & laptops featuring iOS,
Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows PC & OS X
Gain complete visibility of
devices, security & network
Enforce compliance with
real-time & automated actions
£2.00p/m per device*
Advanced Device Management
All the features of Daisy Device Management PLUS …
Mobile Expense Management
Mobile Application Management
£2.40p/m per device*
Daisy Secure Productivity suite
All the features of Advanced Device Management PLUS …
Secure Mail
Application Security
Secure Browser
£4.20p/m per device*
All pricing is subject to relevant pricing increases which can be found on our Price Information page.
*Please Note: Prices exclude VAT and are based on 24 month contract.
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