What is Select & Share?

It’s like unlimited, only better. Daisy Select & Share is an unlimited business mobile plan, without the premium price tag, offering a single flat rate per user, plus any other options your customers may want.

Select & Share allows businesses to bulk buy and pool mobile data, roaming bolt-ons (such as World Travel Select) and even international calls/texts bundles which your customers can divide up across their workforce as they see fit. And, because it’s bought in bulk; the more they buy, the more they save.

Benefits of Select & Share

  • Exclusively available on O2 share data plans and Vodafone share data plans, both come equipped with unlimited calls and texts in the UK and the EU.
  • Additional bulk buy bundles are available including a range of international and roaming options and they’re all compliant with the Roam Like At Home (RLAH) legislation.
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