Multi-Network SIMs to ensure you stay connected

It all starts with something as small as a SIM card. The difference? This SIM card is built on incredible, multi-network, tech.

Rather than relying on a single network, Daisy Anywhere SIMs connect to the strongest network available, giving you a reliable data connection, without the need for a hardwired solution. You can aggregate your data, making it super flexible, cost-effective and easy to manage through our portal.

What’s more, Daisy Anywhere covers 650 networks across 180 countries, which means that while a lot of businesses are working remotely, we can keep you connected to the best possible network, under one easy to manage account.


Our cellular data connectivity is provided on multi-network SIMs. In the UK that covers all four of the major network providers.


Our SIMs are completely unsteered. That means they’ll automatically connect to the strongest signal, not another network’s preferred option.

Global Coverage

With 650 networks on board in 180 countries across Europe and the world, your SIMs will stay connected to the strongest network no matter their location.

Flexible Tariffs

One SIM, one bill, flexible tariffs and bespoke data tiers, alongside a full managed real-time usage portal you can easily avoid overage.

One Pool of Data

Connect multiple devices, offices, or events with one pool of data shared between all, so you don’t need to worry about having loads of separate usage caps.

Static IPs

We offer the option of static IP addresses on your SIM cards, so it’s business as usual for hosted products and services like Daisy Hosted Voice.

Connecting people during the Pandemic

Multi network SIMs provide a flexible solution to keeping your business and stakeholders connected during a time of home schooling and home working. And with more and more organisations embracing IoT as a solution to remote working, Daisy IoT is the perfect way to use this incredible tech to keep your remote workers connected to the devices on your network.

Take a look at our product booklet for details on all of our solutions, or take a look below at our Daisy IoT and Daisy Anywhere Protect product pages for more details.

Solution Daisy Anywhere Protect

Daisy Anywhere Protect
Solution Daisy IoT

Daisy IoT
Connecting a Pop Up Hospital Connecting a Pop Up Hospital 1000 employees

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the NHS set up pop-up hospitals to protect the nation, but with patients due to arrive in two days, they needed connectivity immediately. The Challenge To deal with t...

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In-Vehicle Connectivity In-Vehicle Connectivity 5,000 employees

A premium transport company was locked in an unhealthy contract with a major UK mobile network operator; and it was costing them millions. The Challenge They had contracted over 10,000 SIMs, but wer...

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Keeping Students Connected Keeping Students Connected 55000 employees

When schools closed in the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, they needed to keep homebound students connected to their studies—without exposing them to web-based threats. Over 55,000 students needed to stay...

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