Why Daisy IoT

  • Multi-network, unsteered SIMs find the strongest network
  • Connectivity across over 650 networks in 180 countries
  • Bespoke tariffs as short or long as you need, with any amount of data
  • Data aggregation and static IPs available
  • Fully managed with usage alerts

COVID-19 and IoT

COVID-19 has forced all businesses to change their working practices. However, IoT offers a solution that can mitigate many of the pitfalls that COVID-19 has forced upon our work. A study by Vodafone has indicated that many businesses are not only starting to see IoT as an essential component of gearing up for the future. And it also found that many businesses consider IoT as vital to keeping them going through the pandemic.

84% of businesses thought IoT was key to maintaining business continuity during the pandemic

84% thought that the integration of IoT with their staff was now a higher priority

73% agreed that the pandemic had accelerated their adoption plans

Stats taken from the Vodafone IoT Spotlight report 2020

Static IPs

A SIM card’s variable IP can put a full stop in your efforts to connect up secure IoT networks. But with Daisy IoT, we offer the option of static IP addresses on your cards. So you can access your devices anywhere, and connect them over a VPN or another encrypted service.

Who needs Daisy IoT?


From human-to-robot collaboration; remote and predictive maintenance to digital twinning. Daisy IoT has a manufacturing solution that will up your efficiency.


For current issues like Digital Inclusion, to maintenance like utilities monitoring to support for frontline Lone Workers. Cellular based IoT provisioning has a smart solution for your organisation.


In healthcare, Daisy IoT can enable the future of remote patient monitoring, disease management and on the move triage.


Up your efficiencies with supply chain optimisation, automated checkouts and smart inventory management. Daisy IoT could be the perfect choice for your retail estate.


In the entertainment industry, SIM connected IoT is enabling connected Haptics; esports and in-car entertainment.

Financial Services

Enable mobile banking from anywhere by connecting wearable devices. While connecting remote tellers and personalised AI financial assistants could give your organisation the edge.


In utilities, smart buildings, smart street lighting & energy grids can all be connected and managed using multi-network cellular tech.


From vehicle to vehicle communication to smart traffic control, IoT enables predictive maintenance and monitoring of your businesses fleet.


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