Keep your business up and running no matter what happens by choosing our Ethernet Resilience options to protect your business.

What is Ethernet Resilience?

No doubt you heavily rely on your existing internet connectivity to run your business, perhaps you already have a dedicated Ethernet circuit due to the increased reliability and high service level agreements associated with this product compared to traditional options such as business broadband.  Unfortunately, even with a dedicated solution such as Ethernet, there is always a risk from potential damaged or broken cables or even exchange or data centre damage which cannot always be predicted or controlled.  What would happen if your connectivity dropped due to a fault or outage?  Hopefully, you haven’t been forced to find out.

Chances are your business grinds to a halt, costing you a fortune in lost revenue, potential opportunities and missed customers.

However, our Ethernet Resilience solutions can help protect you and ensure you remain online, no matter what happens to your primary Ethernet circuit. We provide the highest form of resilience available – Resilience Access Option 2 (RAO2). Providing you with two completely diversely routed Ethernet circuits, each RAO2 circuit will take a fully diverse fibre route on the journey from your premise to our data centres, with each circuit terminating at a different data centre for full diversity.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind that should anything go wrong with your main circuit, your secondary diversely routed circuit will be immediately take over, minimising downtime and risks to your business.

If you’d like a cheaper alternative resilience solution, we also have a wide range of business broadband connectivity options available, and our expert team will be happy to help tailor a solution to suit you and your business.

Benefits of Ethernet Resilience

  • Peace of mind – Gives you the highest degree of connectivity certainty
  • Protection from unforeseen incidents – No single cable, equipment or nodal failure will prevent the use of both of your circuits.
  • Single supplier – Using one supplier for both your main and resilient circuit saves valuable time and frustration as well as being the only way to guarantee each circuit is fully diverse at every point
  • Flexible use – Wide availability available for every scenario
  • Range of options – Choose from a range of resilience options to suit your budget and requirements
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Whatever you want out of a connection, it's a breeze for our fibre leased line solution.

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Business-grade services

Our Ethernet Resilience options are designed solely for business use and, whichever connection you're on your traffic will be managed and transported in the most efficient way. IT also won't be impacted by residential traffic because, unlike other providers, we only work with UK businesses.

Great value

We're an independent provider which means we can aggregate the best Ethernet Resilience services from the major suppliers such as TalkTalk, Virgin and BT. What's more, our unique commercial agreements mean we'll get you the most competitive deals in the marketplace.

Breadth of choice

Whether you want an FTTC Resilience option or a top of the range Ethernet Resilience option; we've got a range of services to suit you, your business and your requirements.

Speed promise

All our Ethernet Resilience options come with service availability up to 99.93% and are backed by robust SLAs to ensure downtime isn't an option and our leased line services are all dedicated, ensuring you get guaranteed symmetrical speeds.

Cybersecurity protection

Cyberattacks are increasing in frequency everyday but all our Ethernet Resilience options come with distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection as standard. We'll also be monitoring your services 24/7/365 to keep you protected and allow you to focus on running your business.

Excellent customer service

We've owned and operated our own core network for more than 25 years and our 4.4/5 score on Trustpilot is testament to our commitment to our customers. Our friendly, UK-based faults team are on hand 24/7 so that, should you ever experience a problem, we'll be on hand to fix it.