Patient Line | Key Functionality

Patient Line not only brings future-proof connectivity and communications to surgery premises, it also has the robust capabilities to maximise efficiency and give patients an all-round better experience.

Add a virtual patient waiting room to your practice with signposting and surgery information, allowing callers to hold their position by requesting an automated front-of-queue call-back that presents to the receptionist in turn. An automatic dialling feature calls through relevant contacts so you can execute campaigns efficiently, streamlining flu season for you. With intelligent call routing, you’re able to create VIP queues or prioritise patients with certain medical conditions or requirements. You can also choose who your patients should speak to, whether it’s a specific member of the practice team or the receptionist who has been idle the longest.

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The solution works with all major clinical systems: EmisWeb, SystmOne and Vision. Take advantage of efficient and time-saving features such as inbound contact recognition, patient record popping and new number capture. Outbound features include click-to-dial to get in touch fast.

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Calls are logged through an intuitive platform that enables you to target individual extensions, trunks, specific groups and entire departments for comprehensive management and reporting. Get real-time, customisable call analytics through wallboards that display your chosen metrics, so you can view and review call data whenever you need it. Our MIFID2-compliant call recording functionality gives valuable insight to both manage disputes and improve the quality of patient service provided. Recordings can be accessed quickly to ensure GDPR requirements can be complied with.

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  • Patient WiFi
  • Surgery Mobiles
  • Unlimited lines
  • Lift, Alarm and Redcare solutions

Why Daisy?

  • A dedicated team of operational staff look after all of our doctors’ surgeries and dental practices. Called the Centre of Excellence for Health, the team has over two decades of experience in the sector.
  • Our 24/7 365 in-house Service Desk is available to support as required.
  • Our solutions are developed on-site, made-to-measure and fit-for-purpose with input from our in-house GP Lead.
  • Our UK-wide, industry-certified Field Engineering team visit sites for survey, installation, maintenance and training.
  • They specialise in healthcare practices and can ensure a seamless transition at the point of changeover to our solution.
  • Rated the number one supplier for the NHS on Practice Index.
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Why Patient Line?

Who dreads 8am more, your reception team or your patients? With telecom solutions for GP Surgeries, CCGs and Federations across the UK, Patient Line (powered by Daisy Communications) facilitates improved efficiency and a smoother patient experience.

GP Surgery telecoms and beyond 

Patient Line provides strategic telecom solutions for healthcare practices across the UK. As budgets tighten and resources are stretched more than ever, any initiative that helps make processes more efficient and treatment more responsive is welcomed. With experience in the Healthcare Sector since 2001, we are ideally placed to cater to your specific surgery needs.

We pride ourselves on our suite of patient access solutions:

  • giving you complete control over your inbound and outbound communications
  • integrating your telephone and clinical information systems to speed up call handling
  • letting you log and record calls for better call management
  • creating virtual patient waiting rooms with automated front-of-queue call-back.

Patient Line provide bespoke solutions which complement the individual priorities of your surgery. As a result, you’ll be able to continue prioritising healthcare, manage more appointments (and miss less) and give patients an all-round better experience.

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