Enhance your lines with call features such as call barring, call divert, call waiting, call minder and more.

What is Select Services?

Select Services are value-adding call features which can enhance your lines and calls hardware.

As well as providing your business with a reliable call product, we know that sometimes you need more from your telephone system to not only help your staff but to also provide the best possible experience for your customers.

From call divert, call waiting, call barring, call minder and more, we’ve got a range of enhancements which have been designed to complement your lines and calls package.

Benefits of Select Services

Pick and choose whichever enhancements your business requires. Whether that’s just a couple or the whole range of features in our Select Services range.

Control your call traffic with our call barring add-on or divert your calls to anywhere in the world with our call divert service. With our call minder you can personalise your voice recording and with three-way calling you can speak to two people at the same time, on the same call.

Call waiting lets you know when someone else is trying to call you whilst our ring back service will let you know when a previously engaged line becomes free for you to call. And, if you need to bar numbers for any reason, our choose to refuse add-on lets you bar up to ten numbers.

Call Barring

Our call barring service allows you to take control of your call traffic. You can decide which types of calls your phones can make and receive and can bar those you don’t want. Choose from:

  • Almost all calls
  • All calls to mobiles, national and international
  • Premium rates and information services

Call Divert

Divert your calls to almost any phone in the UK or overseas! You can tailor the service and choose a diversion option to suit you and your business:

  • All calls
  • Calls when the line is engaged
  • Calls that aren’t answered after 15 seconds

Call Minder

Personalised voice recording lets your callers know when you’re engaged or unavailable. What’s more, you can retrieve your messages from any landline phone

  • Store up to 30 messages at once
  • Each message can be five minutes long
  • Record your own personalised business message

Three-Way Calling

Three-Way Calling enhances your phone service and can increase productivity. There’s a number of potions with Three-Way Calling:

  • Speak to two people at the same time
  • Can also speak to them individually
  • Include or exclude either person as and when it’s needed


Call Waiting

Call waiting not only lets you know when there’s another call trying to connect, but it also lets the caller know you want them to leave a message if it’s not a good time to take their call:

  • Instead of an engaged tone, the caller will hear a message advising them to hold the line
  • Choose to swap between the two calls or end your original call
  • Paired with Call Minder, your callers can leave a message if they’re unable to get through

Ring Back

Ring Back increases productivity by saving on redial time. If you make a call and it’s engaged, ring back will give you a call when the line is free:

  • Save time and money on redial costs
  • Automatically call back the number when you pick up your handset
  • Be alerted when the line is free

Choose to Refuse

Choose to Refuse allows you to bar up to ten telephone numbers of your choice:

  • Bar the last incoming call and store up to ten
  • The eleventh blocked number will replace the oldest number you saved
  • Specific numbers can also be manually inputted

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s fine, you can do! Whether you want our call divert, call barring, call minder, three-way calling, call waiting, ring back or choose to refuse add-on you can pick and choose which ones suit your business.

That’s fine too! You can pick and choose as many or as little of them as you want and you can add Select Services at any time.

Yes, your phone line will have to be with Daisy Communications for you to take advantage of our Select Services such as call barring, call divert and call waiting. However, we’ve got some fantastic deals on our lines – head to our Broadband and Phone deals page to find out more.

Care Levels are simply levels of service. Our Care Level 1 is included with all Select Services but, if your business needs a quicker resolution, then there’s four options to choose from depending on your needs.

Care Level 1

Fix by the end of the next working day +1 Monday to Friday (excluding public & bank holidays)
Fault reported at any time between 00:01 - 23:59:59 on Tuesday would have a commitment time of 23:59:59 on Thursday
Care Level 2

Fix by the end of the next working day Monday to Friday (excluding public & bank holidays)
Fault reported at any time between 00:01 - 23:59:59 on Tuesday would have a commitment time of 23:59:59 on Wednesday
per line per month
Care Level 2

Fix by the end of the next half working day Monday to Sunday (including public & bank holidays)
Fault reported by 12:59 - clear by 23:59:59 same day. Fault reported after 13:00 - clear by 12:59:59 next day
per line per month
Care Level 4

6 hour fix Monday to Sunday (including public and bank holidays)
a 6hr fix around the clock, 365 days a year
per line per month
* Please note: Prices exclude VAT and are based on 24 month contract.

Why Daisy?

Great value

Our unique commercial agreements with Openreach, BT, TalkTalk and Gamma mean we can get our customers the most competitive prices in the marketplace. Combined with our independence as a provider and we can also aggregate the best voice services from those major suppliers for you.


Whether you have an ISDN line service or one of our internet-based solutions such as VoIP and SIP trunking, our experts can help you add-on our Select Services to your telephony. Plus, as one of only a small number of UK providers actively involved in industry planning meetings regarding the PSTN switch off, you know you’re in safe hands.

Breadth of choice

If you want to add helpful call features, such as Select Services, to your cost-effective phone line we can support you to ensure minimum disruption. Our phone line services also have exceptional rates to UK local and national numbers as well as mobile numbers.

Excellent customer service

We’ve used Tier 1 carriers and networks for more than 20 years to ensure our customers receive quality voice services, including Select Services. Our 4.4 score on TrustPilot is evidence of this commitment and the service our friendly, UK-based, 24/7 fault team provide if you do experience a problem.

Account control

You can manage your Select Services account with our online account management platform, Daisy MyAccount, and get the information you need whenever you need it. You’ll be able to check your call barring and call minder features.

Fraud protection

Telecoms fraud remains a threat but we’ll monitor your Select Services traffic 24/7/365 to help keep you protected. We offer a service to help limit your commercial exposure to fraudulent activity by detecting fraud early and taking decisive action on suspending lines and barring calls.

Enquire Now

Care Levels

We understand how important it is to keep your business up and running, that’s why we work closely with Openreach to ensure that in the event you’re experiencing problems with your phone line, we can diagnose and resolve your problem as quickly as possible. Where possible, we would always recommend upgrading your care level so that in the unlikely event of a fault we can ensure your business is back up and running in as little as six hours. You must upgrade at least 24 hours before reporting your fault for the new care level to take effect†.

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