Find out if we can repair or replace your handset

If you have a damaged handset, we can either look at repairing or replacing the handset. This is dependant on whether your handset is still in warranty and covers the type of fault/damage reported.

Contact your customer support team to check if you are covered for the repair.

If your handset is out of warranty:

We can look to repair your handset and also offer you a loan phone if required. The cost is dependant on the extent of the fault, we will quote you on this once our engineers have investigated the issue and won’t proceed until you confirm you are happy with the quote for the repair.

For more information, contact our customer support team using any of the contact options below.

If your handset is in warranty:

We can provide a replacement for your damaged/faulty handset, there are some terms and conditions that apply:

  • We will offer the same make and model of handset providing the phone is not obsolete. If the handset is obsolete, we will offer the nearest alternative. This may not be guaranteed as colour specific but will be matched on a best endeavours basis. We will confirm the handset before shipping.
  • The timescale to replace your handset is 72 hours (equivalent to 3 working days).
  • In order to benefit from a free of charge replacement handset, the malfunction/fault must be covered under the warranty.

Malfunctions and faults that are not covered under warranty as standard include:

  • Lost and stolen handsets.
  • User damage including liquid damage.
  • Malfunctions caused by any non-standard external media software.
  • Malfunctions caused by a virus.

If it is found, after inspection by an experienced engineer, that the malfunction/fault is due to any of the above, you will be liable for a £35 (ex VAT) administration charge.

In addition to the above Daisy Communications, or any third party used by Daisy, will not accept any responsibility for the following:

  • Any applications or personal data such as contact information and/or photographs.
  • Any costs that are incurred during the reinstallation of any software/ applications.
  • Any cost incurred by you, the customer, as a result of not being able to use your mobile device.
  • Any labour or other charges incurred where no fault is found with the mobile device.