Is fibre broadband available in my area?


We have plenty of business broadband options available including full fibre broadband, SoGEA and SoGFast but, before you take the leap and future-proof your business, you need to make sure the package you want is available.

If you’re asking yourself whether fibre is available in your area, our broadband checker is here to help you!

Simply type your postcode into the broadband checker at the top of the page to see whether you have fibre broadband availability and, once you know your speed options, browse through our value-adding and cost-effective deals to find the right business-grade broadband product for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is broadband speed measured?

Broadband speed is measured in Megabits per Second (Mbps). Daisy always aim to get the best broadband speeds possible – use the broadband checker to see.

What factors can affect broadband speed?

From time to time you may experience slow broadband speeds. This can be caused by a number of internal and external factors:

  • The length of the line from the exchange or from the Primary Connection Point (PCP) can cause some speeds to be slower than others
  • Not being connected directly to the master socket on the premises
  • Correct filters needing to be used on all sockets relating to the broadband line
  • A fault on the broadband line
  • A faulty router is being used
  • Connecting via WiFi rather than Ethernet
  • Number of people sharing the bandwidth internally
  • One-off, high-usage events such as Microsoft/Apple updates – a large number of people connecting at one time
  • Electrical interference from other devices in proximity to the connection
  • Peak time congestion – may experience slower speeds during the evening when more people are connected
  • The processing speed of your device, router or modem
  • The quality of the wiring inside your premises
  • Weather conditions
Do Daisy have a speed guarantee?

Yes, in August 2019 we signed up to Ofcom’s new Voluntary Codes of Practice on Business Broadband Speed (VCoP) which means you’ll be given more realistic information about business broadband speeds, which will reflect peak times. As part of signing up to the VCoP we’ll also provide an estimated minimum guaranteed download speed, allowing customers to make confident, informed decisions before a sale.

Will I need a new router if I switch to Daisy?

Yes you do but it’s nothing to worry about. With all our business broadband products, we’ll provide you with a free router and a static IP address.

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Preparing for the PSTN Switch Off

PSTN Switch Off

By 2025, the UK’s copper PSTN network will be switched off to make way for the fibre network. And as of 2023, we’re only be selling fibre-based broadband and digital phone lines.

With the Full Fibre network, copper is no longer required between the exchange and your business, as it’s replaced by a pure fibre connection.

It’s a game changer, giving you broadband speed and reliability unlike anything else.

Find out more about the Switch Off in our article – The PSTN Switch Off: Uncovered

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