Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to block any calls where the caller has withheld their number. This can be helpful if your line is receiving spam or nuisance calls. The price for this service will depend on your line type.

A message will notify the caller that “the person you are calling is not accepting anonymous calls. Please redial without withholding your number”.

Certain calls cannot be blocked, such as those where the system cannot obtain the identity of the caller, and where the number is received as ‘unavailable’.

Please note that due to the configuration of their private switchboards, public services such as the police force, the DSS, hospitals, fire brigades and public utilities will not be able to contact customers who use Anonymous Call Reject.

Once Anonymous Call Reject has been activated on your line, use the below codes on your keypad to manage the service.

  • To turn on – Dial *227#
  • To turn off – Dial #227#
  • To check if it’s switched on/off – Dial *#227#