Understand mobile bundle allowances

We may contact you if you have nearly reached or have reached your bundle allowance on your mobile. This is to help prevent bill shock and also put steps in place going forward to help prevent it from happening again.


Note: in certain circumstances that are beyond our control, such as delays in call data being received from the network, overall charges may exceed the set limit and are still liable to be paid for under your terms & conditions. Any additional Data usage will be charged at the standard out-of-bundle rate of 7p per MB (UK usage only).


So what will happen?

  • An SMS will be sent to the mobile number when usage reaches 80% & 100% of the bundle allowance.

  • An email will be sent to the billing contact when any mobile number reaches 100% of the bundle allowance.

  • An email will also be sent to the billing contact when the usage of any Account Level Bundle reaches 80% & 100%.

These alerts include data, minutes and text bundles.


You can opt in/out of bundle notifications by following the below steps:


Log in to the My Account portal, then click the Alerts menu option and then Bundle Alerts.


Select Enable to get notified and Disable if you don’t want to be notified. Please note this will only happen for the specific number. To opt in/out of all notifications, simply select the Enable All or Disable All buttons.


If you have any account level bundles, then you can enable or disable them on the Account tab. Click Save Changes.