If you subscribe to Business Assurance, you will not be charged the call out fee if the Openreach engineer deems the fault to be within your premises or with your equipment.


Please keep in mind that this does not cover the £125.00 missed appointment charge. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure that someone is available at the time of the appointment, to avoid any additional fees.


Business Assurance is £5.10 excl. VAT for PSTN and £6.25 excl. VAT for a line including broadband. These charges are per number, so if you have multiple lines associated with your business, each line will be billed separately. To see if you have Business Assurance added, please check your latest invoice.


You can choose to opt-out of the Business Assurance service by contacting our Live Chat Customer Support team during operating hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4:30pm excluding bank holidays), however, if you choose to do so, any faults found within your own premises or equipment will not be covered. Business Assurance cannot be re-added or reinstated once it has been removed.


Please note that this is a bolt-on to your services, not an insurance.