Call Minder allows callers to leave a message when you are unavailable or your line is engaged. You can record your own personalised message and can retrieve your messages remotely from any landline phone, or your mobile.

The service allows you to store up to 30 messages, with a maximum length of 5 minutes per message. Saved messages are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Daisy also offers Call Minder Extensions and Call Minder Premium.

Call Minder Extensions allows up to eight extension mailboxes as well as the main mailbox, each with their own greeting and personal options.

Call Minder Premier allows extension mailboxes as above, and can save up to 50 messages. It also allows you to record an absence greeting, for example if you are going on holiday.

Please note, Call Minder is not available on ISDN lines.

For more information on Call Minder services, or to find out the cost of using this service, please contact your dedicated Customer Services team.