Choose to refuse allows you to bar the telephone number of the last answered incoming call, or you can also add to your data store by inputting specific telephone numbers manually.

This service is useful if you want to bar nuisance calls, such as those from fraudulent businesses. Callers trying to contact you from numbers which have been barred will receive a network announcement which advises ‘The person you are calling is not accepting calls from you.’

Up to ten numbers can be barred with Choose to Refuse. The eleventh entry will cause the oldest telephone number saved to drop out of the list. You can change the barred numbers as often as you require.

Certain calls cannot be barred, such as those from some international destinations. This is because we don’t always receive the number from the overseas network that the call originated from. If a business uses Caller Display to display an 0800 number, Choose to Refuse does not bar the 0800 number itself but uses the underlying network number. We are also unable to bar calls when the caller withholds their number. However, we do offer Anonymous Call Rejection, which will block all calls from withheld numbers.

Guide to using Choose to Refuse

Once you have contacted Daisy to request this feature on your line, please use the below instructions.

To bar the last call you answered:

Dial 14258 and press the star key (*) on your phone’s keypad twice at the voice prompt.

To bar other numbers at any time:

Dial 14258 and enter your PIN. You will be given the following options:

  • Adding a number to your list – Include the area STD code before UK numbers, and press the hash key (#) at the end of the number.
  • Reviewing your barred numbers list – Choose to Refuse will tell you the number and the date that it was barred. You should also choose this option if you want to delete a number from your list
  • Changing your PIN number – PINs in sequences such as 5678 and 2222 or patterns on your dialling keypad such as 2580 are not allowed. The default PIN is 1234.

Please note, Choose to Refuse is only available on single lines.

For more information, contact your dedicated Customer Service team.