Leaving Daisy Before the End of the Contract Term

If you choose to leave Daisy before your contract has ended, including if your contract has automatically rolled for a further 12 months, you may be subject to Early Termination Fees (ETF). These fees are calculated as the remaining rentals for your contract term. Essentially, this means that you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance on your contract, as if you had stayed until the end of the term.


Leaving Daisy after your Minimum Contract Term

It’s important to note that if your contract has already ended, there may still be costs for leaving Daisy before giving proper notice. The applicable notice period is up to 90 days, depending on your services and the size of your business, during which time you may be responsible for any monthly charges. You have the option to pay these charges as normal within your billing cycle, or you can pay them in a lump sum. Either way, the fees are based on your monthly charges.