An eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a small chip inside a mobile handset that acts just like a hard SIM card. As it is not a physical hard SIM card, it does not require inserting into the mobile, or swapping with other SIMs to change networks when required. With an eSIM it is possible to have plans from more than one network stored on it, but only one can be used at a time.

We are currently only able to offer eSIMs for compatible mobile handsets on the O2 and Vodafone networks. We are not able to support eSIMs for wearables, such as Apple watches, at this time. Daisy do not charge for eSIMs.

To activate an eSIM, please contact your dedicated customer service team, and provide the SIM serial number (SSN). This can be found on the back of the eSIM packet. You will then need to use your handset camera to scan the QR code within the eSIM packet to complete the activation on the device.