iPECs Support Video – How to Set Up a Remote IP Extension

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to iPECS. Today we’re going to explain how to reconfigure your on-premise desk phone to remote IP extension, allowing to use your phone from home. If you’re using a cloud system, you do not need to complete this process.

Before you start this process, you will need to know both the local and external IP addresses of your office phone system. This can be obtained from your system administrator.

Press the menu button and navigate down to option eight, key set information. Now navigate to option four, network settings. Press OK and enter the password 147* (one four seven star).

Select option one, profile.

There are two profiles. One will be set to a local phone system IP. Local IP addresses start with either a 10, 172, or 192. The local profile should be left unchanged and you should select the other profile.

Once selected, to program the profile, select option one, network configuration, followed by option two, network mode. Choose option A, DHCP and click OK.

Now go back and select option two, system configuration.

First select option one, call server, and enter your external phone system IP address. The dots can be entered using the star key.

Next select option three, connection mode, and change to remote. Press OK and you’ll be prompted to reboot. Select yes. If you’re not prompted to reboot right away, press back until you are prompted.

Your phone will now be configured to use from home.

For additional help configuring your on-premise handset, please contact your system administrator.