iPECS UCE Desktop App Support Video: How to Install UCE Desktop on Windows

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Video Transcript:

This is a short video to demonstrate how to make the necessary changes to the UCE Windows application settings so you can use the app successfully on your PC.

Once you receive your Windows UCE application file from your service provider, download the file.

Right click and extract the contents of the zip file. Double click on the unzipped iPECS UCE Windows folder. Here you will be presented with two files. Double click on the iPECS UCE Windows file to launch the application install. You will now see an installation window appear. Click on the Install button. If prompted, confirm the user access control changes box.

You will now see the iPECS UCE Setup Wizard. Click Next and Next again to finalize the install. Once completed, click Close.

From your Windows search bar, type UCE and double click on the iPECS UCE application icon. The application will now launch and you will be greeted with a main login screen.

To login to UCE on your desktop, you’ll first need your server IP address. To enter this, click on the settings icon and navigate to general, and then server. You can then enter your IP address into the server field. If you don’t know your IP address, please contact your service provider.

Leave the port number as the default, 5222Click OK to enter. You will then need to enter your ID and password. Your user ID and password can be created on the iPECS customer manager portal. Again, if you do not have this information, please contact your service provider. You can toggle auto login if you wish to automatically login when you open the application. To finalise your login, click the Login button.