Report your lost or stolen mobile or SIM

If your handset is lost or stolen, please report this as soon as possible and apply bars to prevent fraudulent activity. Please note this will bar your SIM only, and will not affect the handset.

You can report your SIM as lost/stolen on My Account and order a replacement SIM.

Click the Asset Management menu option and then Mobile Management. The page displays all your live mobile services.

Find the mobile number you want to update, and tick the box next to it. Filters can be used to assist with this. Select the Block Lost/Stolen SIM action from Select Actions then click Apply.

Select the Apply Stolen bar to SIM checkbox. A popup will display asking you to confirm you are happy for the bar to be applied, click Yes. The bar request will have been submitted. Note: bars can take up to 24 hours to fully complete.

If you want to order a new SIM, click the Order New SIM button. Click here to see how to Order New SIM. You can monitor the change on the History tab within Mobile Management.