When you join Daisy, you get access to our free online account management portal, Daisy MyAccount.

Our secure account management system puts control in your hands. In the platform, you can manage your usage and costs, run call analytics, add features and functions, log and track your faults, make payments and check your bills.

We believe managing your account shouldn’t be difficult & with Daisy MyAccount it doesn’t have to be. We’ve designed MyAccount so that it’s the quickest and easiest way to resolve most issues, so we would always encourage you to go to your Daisy MyAccount before calling us.

Here are a few MyAccount help videos to get you started with Daisy MyAccount.

MyAccount Portal

We’re currently in the process of migrating our customers over to our latest MyAccount update. Click here to visit your new and improved MyAccount portal.

Visit the new MyAccount https://myaccount.daisycomms.co.uk/

Logging in and Password Resets

You can now log in to our My Account portal with your email address instead of an account number.

My Account Homepage

Watch our videos to find out how you can stay in complete control of your Daisy account.

Discover the gateway to convenience! Explore our customer portal homepage for seamless access to all your needs.

Please Note: All phone numbers shown in these videos are for display purposes please log into MyAccount to get your dedicated number.

Switching Accounts and Groups

Our new Single Sign on system allows you to easily switch between all of your accounts and groups without logging out..

Bill Explorer

Our bill explorer allows you to drill down into your invoices, usage and service charges, the way you want to view it.

Asset Management

The asset management section allows you to manage your cost centres, view all of your assets, manage your mobiles and Tag your services to make them easily recognisable.

Mobile Management

Our My Account portal allows you to customise your mobile bars and bill limits, as well as creating alerts to monitor your usage.

SIM Changes

Order, activate, unlock and block lost or stolen SIMs – all in one place

Mobile Disconnections

Manage your existing disconnections requests, as well as request PAC or STAC codes. You can also request switching information, in line with OFCOM regulations.

Account Management

Update your billing details, manage your direct debit, and let us know who we can discuss your account with.

Customer Support

Learn how to effortlessly raise support tickets on our customer portal, as well as view our knowledge base and answers to commonly asked questions.

Managing Users and Roles

You’re in control over your portal users, as well as the individual permissions each user receives.