Panasonic Support Video: Panasonic: Change Auto Attendant Recordings

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Video Transcript:

To record your auto attendant menus, you need to be somewhere quiet and have a list of your custom service recordings and your password to hand. With a Panasonic phone, dial the voicemail extension number, which is usually 500. Once you get an answer, dial #6*998. You’ll then be asked to enter your password.

Enter your password followed by the # key. You will then be selecting option 4, then option 3, then the custom service number that you would like to record.

[Voicemail] You have zero new messages. To listen to new messages, press… *#6*998 is pressed* Enter your password followed by the # sign. *password is pressed* You have zero new messages. To transfer general delivery mailbox messages, press 1. To set up message waiting notification, press 2. To customise your mailbox, press 3. To modify message, press 4. *4 is pressed* To change the company greeting, press 1. To change the company name, press 2. To change the custom service menu, press 3. *3 is pressed* Enter the custom service prompt number 1 through 200. *11 is pressed* Custom service number 11.

[Recording] You’ve reached the offices of Premier Choice Group.

[Voicemail] To change, press 1. *1 is pressed* To record, press 1. *1 is pressed* Record your menu at the tone. To end recording, press 1. To pause and restart recording, press 2.

[Sarah] You have reached the offices of Premier Choice Group. To leave a message for sales, press 1. For marketing, press 2. And for maintenance, press 3. *1 is pressed*

[Voicemail] To review, press 1. To accept, press 2. *2 is pressed* Recording accepted.

To record additional messages, stay on the line, and you’ll be asked to enter another custom service number. Enter the number that you wish to record, and then follow the prompts again to record and accept this greeting.