Panasonic Support Video: Change Basic Settings on Voicemail

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Video Transcript:

To record a personal greeting on your Panasonic Voicemail System, dial the Panasonic extension number for voicemail, which is usually 500. You’ll be given a list of options. You’ll be selecting option 4, then option 1, then option 1.

[Voicemail] You have zero new messages. To listen to new messages, press 1. To deliver a message, press 2. To listen to old messages, press 3. For mailbox management, press 4. *4 is pressed* To change the personal greeting, press 1. *1 is pressed* To change the no answer greeting, press 1. *1 is pressed* No answer greeting is not recorded. Record greeting at the tone. To end recording, press 1. To pause and restart recording, press 2.

[Sarah] Hi, you’ve reached Sarah. I’m unavailable to take your call at the moment, but please leave your full name, telephone number, and a brief message. I’ll return your call as soon as possible. *1 is pressed*

[Voicemail] To review, press 1. To accept, press 2. *2 is pressed* Recording accepted.