Panasonic Support Video: Change Personal Speed Dials

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Video Transcript:

If you’d like to store some personal speed dials into your handsets, go to your phone and without lifting the handset, dial 9 and then the telephone number on the keypad. Press STORE on the display, and then you will get an option to enter the name.

If you need a gap, use the arrow on the display. Once you have typed the name, press ENTER, and the telephone number and name will be stored into your personal directory. Lift and replace the handset.

To use your personal directory on your Panasonic telephone, press the MENU key, and then press ENTER. Enter the first one or two letters of the person you’d like to call. Press ENTER again, and you’ll see their name on your display.

You can use the arrow buttons to scroll through the directory. Once your arrow is on the person you’d like to call, lift the handset, or you can press the Speakerphone button (SP-PHONE) to dial that person.