Panasonic Support Video: Change Temporary Voicemail Message

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Video Transcript:

If you wish to record a temporary greeting, dial the Panasonic voicemail extension number, which is usually 500. You’ll be given a list of options. You’ll be selecting option 4, then option 1, and then option 5.

[Voicemail] You have zero new messages. To listen to new messages, press 1. To deliver a message, press 2. To listen to old messages, press 3. For mailbox management, press 4. *4 is pressed* To change the personal greeting, press 1. *1 is pressed* To change the no-answer greeting, press 1. To change the busy-signal greeting, press 2. To change the after-hours greeting, press 3. To change the caller ID greeting, press 4. To change the temporary greeting, press 5. *5 is pressed* Temporary greeting is not recorded. Record greeting at the tone. To end recording, press 1. To pause and restart recording, press 2.

[Sarah] Hi, you’ve reached Sarah. I’m on holiday today, but will return tomorrow at 8.30am. Please leave a message and I’ll return your call tomorrow. Thank you.

[Voicemail] To review, press 1. To accept, press 2. *2 is pressed* Recording accepted.

This greeting will overwrite the message that you already have until you’re back from leave. When you return, simply dial the voicemail extension number, and at that point, you’ll be asked to remove your temporary greeting.

Just follow the prompt to remove the greeting.

[Voicemail] Temporary personal greeting is activated. To turn temporary personal greeting off, press 1. *1 is pressed* Temporary personal greeting is deleted.