Making Payments

Set-up Direct Debit/Reinstate Direct Debit

You can set up a new Direct Debit or restart a cancelled Direct Debit via the Account Management section of your My Account portal.


Make a one-off payment

Daisy Communications is now able to accept payments via a payment line which is available 24/7. The telephone number for this is 01244 729483.


Direct Debit Related Fees

Non-DD Payer

If the charge on your invoice says ‘Non DD Payer’ and you choose to pay your bills through a method other than Direct Debit, such as via card payment, you will see a monthly charge for this on your invoice of £7.50 excluding VAT per month.


Cancelled DD Charge

If the charge on your invoice says ‘Cancelled DD Charge’, and you have recently cancelled your Direct Debit, this is a one-off administration charge of £10.00 excluding VAT for doing so.