Alerts and bars are a great way to limit the potential of over-usage and excess charges. Please note, alerts alone will not bar any services. If you wish for a bar to be put in place, you must select the Auto Bar option.

Log in to the My Account portal. From here, select Alerts and then Usage Alerts. From here you will be able to see any alerts that are already set up. You can add alerts, or delte or edit existing alerts.

To add a new alert, make sure to read the disclaimer, then click Add Alert.

Give your alert a name, for example 8GB usage, then select whether the alert is at account or CLI level. Then select your product type.

If you have selected CLI Level, a list of services will appear. Select which services you want to add the alert to by ticking the box(es) in the left-hand column. Once this is done, or if you selected Account Level, click Continue.

Now you will be able to select what kind of alert you wish to set up. Select the Alert Criteria, for example Total Data MB. Then enter the Threshold, for example 8192MB (8GB). Click Continue.

On the next screen, you can choose to notify the user of the phone number if they reach the threshold. You must also select one or more contacts to send the notification to. Click Add Contact to Alert then tick the box to determine which type of notification they receive – email, SMS, or both. Please note, if you do not have a mobile number listed for the contact, the tick box for this will not appear.

As well as an alert, you can also choose to bar the user if they have reached the threshold (mobile only). Click the Add Bar dropdown and then select which option you would like. Auto bar Data Only will only bar data services, while Auto bar (All) will bar all mobile services. Please note, the bar may take up to 24 hours to be effective and will be lifted once the allowance restarts.

Once completed, click Submit. Your changes will be confirmed.

The alert/bar will take effect when the threshold is met*.

*We will use reasonable endeavours to apply the auto bar, as soon as we become aware that the mobile number has breached the usage alert threshold. However, in certain circumstances that are beyond our control, such as delays in call data being received from the network, overall charges may exceed the set limit and are still liable to be paid for under your terms & conditions.