Slow speeds can be caused by a range of different factors which could be both external and internal to your property. If you are experiencing slow broadband speeds, please follow the steps below to help to identify the issue.


Reboot your equipment

Power down the router for 30 seconds, power back up. Reboot your PC.


Check for any noise on the line

Any noise/interference on the line will have an adverse effect on your internet connection. Please refer to Phone Troubleshooting – Noisy Line


Check setup

Connect Ethernet cable from your PC direct to your router to check speeds. If the speeds are good with the Ethernet cable and it’s the WiFi speeds that are slow, please refer to WiFi troubleshooting.


Check Physical Setup

If the router plugs into a micro filter, please replace this to eliminate a faulty micro filter. Check direct from the test port

Standard ADSL BB Connection

Standard Fibre BB Connection

Check the speeds your line is capable of receiving

Please use the following link to see the speeds for your line

Broadband Availability Checker/



Speed test

Run three speed tests at different times of day at:

Follow the instructions and ensure no other Internet applications are in use.



Testing from the master socket

If the above checks have not resolved your slow speed issue, you may need to test your socket. Click here for details of how to do this.