VoIP Support Video – Adding and Removing Numbers from a Blacklist

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Video Transcript:

In this tutorial we’re going to cover adding numbers to a block list so trying to prevent nuisance callers from coming through to users.

So I’m going to go into our “Users” tab and click “List Users”.

We’re going to take the scenario where Sandra has been receiving nuisance calls so we want to find a way of adding telephone numbers into a block list.

So let’s go to page number 2.

*Click “Page 2”*

Here’s Sandra. I’m going to click “Edit” against her account. So the feature we intend to use is going to be under “Call Setup” and the feature itself is labelled “Blacklist” so let’s click that.

*Click the “Call Setup” tab and then select “Blacklist” from the left-hand menu*

So at the moment the feature isn’t being used so we’re going to first add the telephone number so let’s pick a random telephone number to start off with, just to give an example.

*Enter the telephone number you wish to block*

Let’s click “Add”. You’ll know as soon as a telephone number is within that list, it will allow me to put the radio button to “On” and then click “Save”.

So if this telephone number is recognised of calling inbound and reaching Sandra’s account or Sandra’s extension, device etc. it will prevent that caller from being successful and maybe an engaged tone being heard, a busy tone.

If we find that this number is now legitimate, there is a little Discard Icon on the right-hand side. Click that, click “Save” and that number is no longer blacklisted.