VoIP Support Video – Adding and Removing Users

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Video Transcript:

In this tutorial we’re going to cover adding and removing users. So take the scenario where someone has left the company and you have a new starter so you’ll need to edit certain accounts.

Under the tab labelled “Users”click “List Users” and this details everyone that’s underneath this particular company. So I’ve got two pages of entries. If I click “Page 2”, we’re going to remove Richard and we’re going to add Sandra his place.

So if we’re going to remove Richard, there’s a tick box on the left hand side.

*Click in the tick box*

Click “Delete Selected”.

*Click “Confirm”*

And when I click “Add”, it’s gonna talk me through how to add Sandra. So first I need to select the site, there’s only one and I need to give a “First Name” and a “Last Name”. These are mandatory, equally the “Username” is mandatory. And I have state an “Email Address”. This email address is important as the credentials for this user will be sent through in terms of the passwords access the user portal and if there’s any soft clients being used on mobile apps, there will be individual passwords for those and this email address will receive all of those credentials.

Click “Create and Continue”.

I will need to assign Sandra a telephone number and an extension so Richard previously was using this top one “7404” and had the extension of 250 so I can use the exact same details if Sandra is going to be joining Richard’s Department and maybe actually taken over his role so you want to keep a bit of continuity so no calls are lost and Sandra will just be continuing from Richard’s role or I can give Sandra some completely new details. I’m going to do the latter. So I’m going to slip the second radio button here “7405”.

*Select the number you wish to use*

It will automatically populate the extension as the last three or four digits of the telephone number. So I’m going to edit this and I’m going to give Sandra extension 251.

*Enter the extension number into the “Extension” field.

Click “Continue”.

“Assign Services” is all of the licences attributed to the account so by default is going to give a premium licence and I can detail what bolt-ons I want to give Sandra. So in this scenario she is going to be part of a call centre.

*Select “Call Centre Agent”*

She will be answering mainstream calls.

*Click “Save and Continue” and “Confirm”*

We need to give certain permissions if I want to, so “Call Forwarding” yes I want to give Sandra call forwarding permissions.

*Toggle “Call Forwarding” to “On”*

She doesn’t need “Advanced Call Setup”. She doesn’t need to change the telephone number presentation. She can select whether she’s out of office or busy so there’s particular preset “Profiles”.

*Toggle “Profiles” to “On”*

And yes she may be working outside of the office so “Remote Office” is a feature, I’m going to give her that.

*Toggle “Remote Office” to “On”*

Click “Continue” and then I’m going to give her handset, yes each handset has a unique identifier and this is the Mac address so this one ends “51F2” so I’ll know to give Sandra that device from our stock.

So I’m going to click “Finish and Show List”. So Sandra should be on page 2.

*Click “Page 2”*

There she is, so once her account is set up she’ll start receiving credentials to the email address that we’ve specified.

And there you go, that’s an example of removing a user and adding a user and the process of giving certain permissions and editing certain criteria.