VoIP Support Video – Changing Auto Attendant Options

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to a quick tutorial on how to change an auto attendant option.  So as a reminder, an auto attendant is a group feature within Gamma Horizon. It has an audio file uploaded to it and it’s instructing the inbound caller to select an option on their keypad to route to a particular destination. For example, I could call in and the audio file which plays instructs the inbound caller to press option one for Technical Support or option two for Sales.

So auto attendants are under “Call Groups” and “Auto Attendant” – the very top one on the list.

*Hover over the “Call Groups” tab and then click “Auto Attendant”*

In this tutorial we’re going to change an option which is under the “Main Menu” auto attended labelled here. Click “Edit” on the right-hand side and then click “Menu Options” on the second sub-tab. We have numerous options here going to certain destinations so it will route to an internal extension. An internal extension can be a user or a group feature. The group feature typically is a call distribution feature such as a hunt group, a call queue or call centre. So this example I’m going to change option 6. This currently routes to extension 521. So I’m going to find extension 521, and I’m going to search under “Hunt Group”.

*Hover over the “Call Groups” tab and then click “Hunt Group”*

Go to page number two. And here is extension 521. It’s currently coming through to “Test Hunt Group 1”. I’m going to route this through to “Test Hunt Group Number 2” so the new extension I need to save under option 6 is extension 522. So I’m going to go back to “Call Groups” and then “Auto Attendant”, find “Main Menu” again here, click “Edit” on the right-hand side, click “Menu Options”, and option number 6 here, 521, I’m going to put 522. And at the bottom right there is a “Save” button and I’m going to click that.

*Click the “Save” button*

You will have a confirmation banner at the top saying the update has taken effect successfully.