VoIP Support Video – Changing Opening Times

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Video Transcript:

In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about changing opening times so I will be amending a particular schedule. So our schedules are built using the Hunt Group feature. Hunt Groups are within the “Call Groups” groups and then “Hunt Group”.

*Hover over “Call Groups” and click on “Hunt Group”*

So you may be thinking hunt group is a way of distributing calls, why are we editing schedule within hunt group? So the reason for this is that a hunt group does have an inbuilt feature where you can upload a series of schedules into it and you can dictate where I want calls to route to within a particular time period and then I can give a default routing for calls. So here we have a hunt group labelled “Open Check” and we’re going to edit it. It will all become clear in a moment.

*Click “Edit”*

So let’s talk about our default call routing.

*Click “Options” tab*

So all of my calls, I’m going to send to extension 701 so this can be an option menu for example an auto attendant. So at the moment anything that hits this hunt group, all calls are going to 701. So I want to tell the cloud platform that in certain time periods or certain dates I want calls to go to another destination such as closed message. So I want a schedule to be built to push calls say early morning, late afternoon and evening and then weekends to a closed message and that closed message will have another extension number. So 701 is our default routing, so that’s our open routing and the closed routing is going to be under “Advanced Settings” so the far right-hand tab.

*Click “Advanced Settings”*

So we use the schedule within a virtual package, you’ll see the radio button as being “on”. The schedule here is green, meaning it’s going to be clickable, it’s currently activated and I’m going to edit the schedule here.

*Click “Edit”*

So we have another different extension number 702 routes to a closed message. So just to reiterate, 701 is our open routing 702 we’re going to dictate as our closed routing, our closed message. So closed hours is labelled here and I have a little pencil icon.

*Click the pencil icon*

And I have a series of events here.

*Click the “Events” tab*

So I need to dictate to the cloud platform when calls are to hit that closed message. So it’s going to be early morning, late afternoon and evening and then the weekend. So I click “Edit” on the AM. Currently all of my calls will continue hitting the closed message up until 10:00am so I’m going to edit this so that calls will start to come through as of 9:00am so remember we’re trying to push calls to follow a schedule outside of normal routing so my non-normal routing is early morning, late afternoon and evening and weekends.

*Choose your hours from the drop-down lists*

So click “Update”.

I’m just going to have a look at all of our other entries.

*Click “Edit” on PM*

Here from 6:00 PM to midnight, again, office isn’t open.

*Click the “Events” tab and click “Edit” on Weekends*

And equally weekends you have a button tick box saying all calls are to push to this closed message extension 702 during the weekend.

*Click the “X” in the top right-hand corner of the box*

And that’s it. Click “Save” at the bottom just to be sure and you’ve edited a schedule for the cloud platform.