VoIP Support Video – How to Use Click to Dial

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Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to a brief tutorial on the click-to-dial functionality within Gamma Horizon’s integrator tool. I’m going to demonstrate installing the software, what details you’ll need (I.E., the username and password, where to find those) the configuration of mem… within integrator itself, and then showing you how to initiate a click-to-dial using a telephone number and what it does. Okay let’s get started. 

So, what you should have received either directly or via your administrator is a username and password, and they’re typically going to be within two emails, sent separately. I’ve got these preloaded in the bottom left corner of the screen. Opening them up, it’s going to contain a username in the first email and also a download link for the software. The second email is going to contain the password, it’s quite a lengthy one, a mix of letters and numbers. It is strongly advised to download this .xe file and then run it as an administrator. So, once it’s downloaded – just to give an example – it typically comes up in the downloads function, your administrator may do this for you or have another location where the .xe files are downloaded to. It will come up saying Horizon Integrator, normally about 162 megabytes in file size. The version number can differ depending on the rollouts which Gamma Horizon do push down and to initiate the installation as administrator, you right click, and you want the one which says run as administrator. So, in this demo I’ve already installed this, but upon initiating this install it’s just a case of clicking next and acknowledging the terms and conditions. It will have a little green bar go across; it normally takes about 5 minutes to install completely. It may look as if it has stalled several times, but just leave it to complete, it will finalise dependent on the performance of your PC.

How to configure:

What you’ll eventually have is the application will install and it won’t appear as an icon at the bottom, but what it will do on the bottom right-hand side of Windows, on the task bar, there’s a little white arrow that says ‘show hidden icons’, and you’re going to be looking for this grey or white square. When you hover over it, it does actually say Horizon Integrator. So, when you see it, right-click and there’s a menu at the bottom called ‘configuration’Single click that and it will come up with a sub window, and this is where it’s asking you for the username and password. This telephony area. This is where we go back to our original two emails and just copy and paste the username and password. So, there’s the username, here’s the password. Just make sure that there’s no white spaces either side of the username. The password you won’t know until you click save and it will tell you if the password is incorrect. You can always have it re-sent by your administrator or a Premier Choice representative if it’s been a while between the point of you configuring integrator and the point that you received the emails initially.  

So, if you click ‘save’, it comes up with a little warning saying ‘application restart’, that’s absolutely fine. Click ‘OK’ and what we’re looking for in the bottom right-hand corner is that same square, but instead of it being grey or white, you’ll want it to turn green. So, it will close down, then it will open itself, then we’ve got the acknowledgement that it’s Horizon Integrator in purple, but here’s the icon in green, that’s what we want. So, we right-click that – again go back to configuration and the areas for click-to-dial are on the left-hand side under the general category. There’s one called diallingWe want these three tick boxes to be ticked. So, we’ve got click board dialling, application dialling and focus dialling. Then click ‘save’ and it will come up with a little notification saying it’s applying the settings, fantastic, that’s what we want. 

While it’s sorting itself out, one amendment you’ll need to complete from the Windows side, so if you go to the bottom right to the notification area of Windows 8 or Windows 10, there’s a feature in Windows called ‘Focus Assist’. It’s going to be here, and it comes up with a little moon icon – that’s the setting that we need it to be in. We need Focus Assist to be off so that it doesn’t conflict with Integrator. So, if you click this several times, if it is on a different setting just keep on clicking it until you see it has off. That’s what we want.  

How to use with Google Chrome:

Okay, so that’s the configuration done on Integrator, that’s a small tweak done on Windows and it’s worth mentioning that the web browsers, if you have any web browsers – Google Chrome or Internet Explorer – open, close those before you complete this installation. I had those open on the bottom left, purely for the purposes of the demo. But it is highly advised to have those closed before you start the integrator installation process and configuration. If you had them open it’s not a problem, just restart Windows before you start using Click to Dial. Okay so let’s try dialling a number, let’s find a number within Google Chrome. I’m going to use our Premier Choice website as an example and the telephone number is here on the right-hand side. With Google Chrome when you hover over the telephone number, it will have a little underline, but when we single click it, it comes up with a little bolt-on called ‘Phone Helper’. This is the one that we want, how it integrates with Horizon Integrator and when we’re going to click this, we’re going to hear the Cisco phone which is by the side of me initiate that call. I’m not dialling on the phone myself I’m just going by the web browser, made that clear now, and equally you’re going to see on the top right-hand corner of the Windows screen you’re going to have a little additional window come up, which says the telephone number, and it gives a little bit of call functionality at the bottom. A few green icons and a red icon to hang up the call, so I’m going to initiate it, you’re going to hear the closed message from Premier Choice and then I’m going to end the call. So, let’s see what happens… So that’s the Cisco phone dialling… that’s our close message. We’ve got a few icons here, green. Well actually they’re blue not green, but here’s the red one to hang up the call. So that’s what we’re after. This demonstrates that that integrator has been signed into with a valid username and password, it’s been configured correctly, and it’s allowed me to initiate a call from the web browser.  

How to use with Internet Explorer:

So, let’s minimise Google Chrome and let’s open up Internet Explorer, and this is slightly different compared to Chrome. When you hover over it, it doesn’t have a blue line, but you will notice that the cursor does change. From a normal cursor icon, we’ve got a little hand. That’s indicating that the number can be pressed, it is a link, it will initiate Click to Dial. On some Internet Explorer settings it may come up with a little security warning saying that ‘Phone Helper’ the bolt-on you saw on Google Chrome is also trying to be used with Internet Explorer. That’s perfectly normal, just click ‘allow’ and upon clicking this it’s going to do exactly the same thing. It’s initiated a call from the Cisco handset and now I’ve got the little sub-window here. And I’m just going to terminate that one and minimise IE.  

So, there you go. We’ve demonstrated how to install integrator, where we find the username and password via those emails, the three tick boxes which are the crucial ones to configure Click to Dial, disabling Focus Assist, and a brief demonstration using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, how we find a number, dial it, don’t have to touch the handset console, we are just using the mouse on Windows to initiate that call. 

Okay, that’s all for now, thank you very much for watching.