VoIP Support Video – Updating Horizon Flexi Keys with New Mailbox Passwords

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Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to a brief tutorial on how to update a mailbox password on handset flexi key.

Now, to give a little bit of background as to what this means, Premier Choice configure the Gamma Horizon portal in a particular way when it comes to temporarily changing the call inbound routing. We use a group feature called a hunt group and it’s accompanying voicemail box as a way of implementing call forwards ad-hoc. This can be for training afternoons for example, or emergency scenarios where the normal call routing needs to be deviated away from and a new message needs to play instead. These mailboxes do have a password, and these passwords expire at intervals due to security. So, this tutorial will talk through how to set a temporary password on the mailbox, how to set a permanent password, and then how to update the flexi key on a handset so the auto-login ability is restored. Now, you’ll know when the auto-login ability has been disrupted when you go to press the flexi key and it comments via an automated message that the password is incorrect. So, this tutorial will talk you through how to alleviate that. Let’s get started.

The first thing we’re going to do, is to temporarily set a password on the mailbox. You’ll need to navigate to the correct hunt group. So, I’m going to click on ‘Call Groups’ and then ‘Hunt Group’ and then I’m going to navigate to my hunt group. I’ve got one that is quite conveniently labelled VM Mailbox Test, for the purpose of this tutorial. I’m going to click ‘Edit’ on the right hand side and the voicemail area is via a tab quite conveniently called Voicemail. Now when you click this, to set the temporary password you must scroll to the bottom and click ‘Change Voicemail Passcode’. In this area here, it’s going to ask for a PIN as a temporary so, just for the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to put 123456 and then I’m going to replicate that and click ‘Save’. So in doing so, what it’s telling me is that this is actually an incorrect passcode because it doesn’t fall within their security parameters of Horizon. So, let’s pick something a little bit more complex. I’m going to pick 197921 and replicate it and I’m going to click ‘Save’. So this is now telling me that the voicemail PIN has been updated successfully. So that’s part one, I’ve got a temporary password set on my hunt group.

I’ve now got to convert that to a permanent passcode. Now, the way we have to do this is we have to login or call into the master voice portal. Now every Horizon deployment has a master portal, it’s also got a telephone number associated with it, along with an internal extension. Now to get to this area, you go to ‘Administration’ followed by ‘Voice Portal’. Here is my external telephone number I can call into and here is the internal extension number if I did have a Gamma handset already and I can just dial the three digits associated with my deployment. So what I need to do is I’m going to call into either of these numbers and change the passcode. Okay, so for the purposes of this tutorial I’ve changed my passcode, I’ve now converted it to 197922.

So what I now need to do, is I now need to notify my flexi key or my handset that the passcode has changed. This will restore the auto-login ability. So what I need to do is go to ‘Users’ and find my handset which has this flexi key. I do have a test handset here, and I’m going to click ‘Edit’ on the right hand side. To edit the flexi keys you go to the ‘Phone’ tab, followed by ‘Device Customisation’ followed by ‘Line Keys’. It gives a little outline as to what the handset looks like on the display, and here is my voicemail key, my auto-login. I’m going to click that button and it opens up a little sub-window and I’m going to put my permanent password in here. So I’m going to put 197922 and then click ‘Save’. And in doing so what it will force the handset to do is it will reboot the handset twice. So to trigger this click ‘Save’.

I would advise doing this when it’s a convenient, quieter period. It’s also worth mentioning that normally there are multiple handsets which have these flexi keys configured, so it’s not typically just one handset. So, you’ll need to navigate via the Gamma Horizon portal as we’ve just gone through via ‘Users’, ‘List Users’, and update the flexi keys with the permanent passcode.

So there you go, when you go to use the flexi key on the handset, just by a single press it will now auto login as opposed to coming up with the system announcement that the passcode is invalid!