VoIP Support Video – Uploading a New Audio File

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Video Transcript:

In this tutorial we will be uploading a new audio file to the cloud platform so it’s important to know that you must have a file ready on your desktop or within your local PC to upload to cloud platform. The second important note is that the audio file must be in a particular format – the format is “.wavulaw”. So “.wavulaw” and there are many online converters or local programmes which can do this conversion for you.

So in this example we’re going to upload a new audio file to an auto attendant.

*Hover over “Call Groups” and click on “Auto Attendant”*

We’re going to use the example “Main Menu” auto attendant. Click “Edit” on the right-hand side.

In the tab marked “Audio”, so the fourth sub tab from the left, click that.

*Click “Audio”*

Currently we have an audio file which is labelled “February 2021” so we’re going to upload a new file, click “Change”.

Then click “Browse”.

And we’re going to upload “March 2021”.

*Select the file you wish to upload*

Click “Open”.

See the detail here and then click “Save”.

If it’s been successful you will have a banner similar to this and equally you will see the new file name in this location.

If the platform detects the audio file was incorrect it will equally let you know in this banner here so just double check that the format is in “.wavulaw” and retry the upload.