Identifying Charges on your Invoice

There are several charges that could cause your bill to be higher than usual. Here are a few common charges, and what they relate to. Please note, charges may vary from those shown below.

Engineer Charges

The following image shows different types of engineer charges that may appear on your invoice:

For more information on why you may have received an engineer charge, please click here.

Early Termination or Notice Period Fees

If you choose to leave Daisy before your contract has ended, you may be subject to Early Termination Fees. If your contract has ended and you choose to leave, there may be an applicable notice period. This can either be paid as per your normal billing cycle during the notice period, or paid in a lump sum. The fees are based on your monthly charges. This is how the charges may look on your invoice:

Direct Debit Related Fees

If you choose to pay your bills through a method other than Direct Debit, such as via card payment, you will see a charge for this on your invoice. If you cancel your Direct Debit with us, you may see a charge on your invoice for doing so.