To ensure a seamless experience during your call with our Microsoft Cloud experts, this guide is designed to support you with more informed conversations and make sure you find the ideal Microsoft solution that meets your business’ needs.


  • What cybersecurity solutions does Microsoft offer?
  • What kind of cybersecurity solutions fits my business?
  • What compliance standards does Microsoft solutions have?

Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Teams

  • What is included in Microsoft 365 subscription plans?
  • Is Teams included in Microsoft 365?
  • How does Microsoft Teams integrate with other Microsoft services?


  • What is Azure and how can it benefit my business?
  • How scalable is Azure and can it accommodate the growing need?
  • How does Azure ensure data security and compliance?


  • Can we tailor the Microsoft solutions to fit our business needs?
  • What kind of support does Daisy Comms provide?
  • What is the benefit of using Daisy Comms compared with other Microsoft solutions providers?
  • How will Daisy Comms help with migration?

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