Omnichannel communications, one seamless customer experience

Streamline customer interactions across voice, chat, email and SMS into one single, easy-to-use customer experience platform.

With its omnichannel customer service capabilities, our cloud contact centre software gives customers the gift of choice when seeking support, while bringing context to every conversation through historic interaction logs that detail your entire customer footprint.

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Tailored treatment for priority customers

With VIP routing, our Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) tool, you make delivering priority service to priority customers effortlessly simple.

Through the power of automation, our contact centre software identifies priority customers based on your pre-defined criteria, automatically routing their calls to the front of the queue and to the most qualified agents, so they receive VIP service every single time.

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Peak call times managed with expert care

Strengthen your customer service strategy with automated call handling tools like Virtual Queues and Callback Slots that set wait time expectations and offer flexible access to customer support amidst high inbound call volume periods.

With our contact centre software, mitigating phone line overwhelm and customer frustration can be achieved without agent intervention, ensuring peak call periods are always met by peak performance.

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Daisy contact centre features


Omnichannel communications

One unified customer service platform to streamline all interactions across voice, email, webchat and SMS for a seamless experience no matter the channel.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Automatically route incoming calls to the front of the queue or to the most appropriate agent based on pre-defined criteria such customer priority (VIP routing) or query type (skills-based routing).


Virtual queues

Customers hold their position in the call queue, even after hanging up, receiving a callback automatically once they reach position one.

Live data

Live data and wallboards

Gather real-time insights on call activity and agent performance, including wait times, availability and other statistics to measure against key metrics and present in one centralised dashboard.


Management-level reporting

Generate, download and even automate custom reports with comprehensive insights on performance, agent productivity and customer experience to support data-driven decisions and highlight training needs.


CRM integrations

Take a step closer to a truly omnichannel customer experience by choosing our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for DHV Contact, or integrate your existing system*.

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*Subject to platform compatibility.

Why choose Daisy for your contact centre solution?


Excellent UK-based customer service

At Daisy Communications, we like to lead by example and so, our 4.6 Trustpilot rating speaks for itself. Our contact centre software successfully supports our team’s and customer’s goals, and its ready to support your goals too.


20+ years serving UK businesses

With over 20 years serving businesses with telecommunications and IT solutions, we’ve built a wealth of experience and industry relationships to source and implement a contact centre solution tailored to your unique set of needs.


Support with compliance and security

Our catalogue of products are verified by recognised third party certifications including Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 to support you in keeping up with the latest compliance and security regulations.

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Contact Centre FAQs

What is a cloud contact centre solution (CCaaS)?

A cloud contact centre, otherwise referred to as Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS), is a web-based platform offering a variety of flexible features and functionality to enhance the delivery of customer service.

These platforms enable businesses of all sizes to streamline inbound and outbound communications into one centralized database for a seamless customer experience, including, but not limited to, channels like voice, email and webchat.

Click here to read our introduction guide to cloud contact centres.

Does my business need a contact centre solution?

Does your business…

  • use one or more communication channels to interact with customers (i.e. Voice, Email, Webchat)?

  • struggle to track customer interactions across channels?

  • want to improve the customer experience?

  • rely on a phone line or system to take bookings, make sales or offer customer support?

  • experience high inbound call volumes that have the potential to or do become unmanageable?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then it’s likely your business could benefit from contact centre software.

Click here to read our introductory guide to contact centres.

What's the difference between contact centre and a call centre?

A contact centre is a piece of software or system that enables businesses to streamline multiple communication channels into one platform, making tracking and handling customer interactions a seamless and simple task.

A call centre, on the other hand, refers to a centralised office or team employed to handle inbound and outbound voice calls from customers or clients.

Because of their function, call centres can and do make use of contact centre software. However, contact centre software is not exclusive to call centres and ensures a variety of communication channels can be managed alongside voice calls, making it a powerful and suitable tool for small to medium-sized businesses.

For more information on contact centres for business, read our introductory guide here.

What is omnichannel customer service?

Omnichannel communications refers to streamlining customer touchpoints, such as Voice Calls, Webchat and Email, into a single cohesive environment or strategy to enhance and simplify the management of interactions.

Similarly, omnichannel customer service refers to a businesses’ ability to offer a seamless customer experience, while still offering customers the choice and convenience of a variety of online and offline touchpoints.

Contact centre software powers omnichannel experiences by providing a single integrated platform to track, handle and manage interactions across all platforms.

Click here to read more about omnichannel communications in our introductory guide to contact centres for SMBs.

CCaaS Vs UCaaS: What's the difference and which is better?

Contact centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions are both cloud-based communication tools that can enhance the communication strategies of small to medium-sized businesses.

Despite being similar at a glance, both serve distinct purposes:

  1. A centralised platform for managing customer interactions across all touchpoints.

  2. Includes features like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Omnichannel communications and Virtual queues.

  3. Designed to enhance and simplify the delivery of customer service.

  1. A centralised platform for internal business communications and collaboration.

  2. Includes features such as Video conferencing, Document sharing and internal presence management.

  3. Designed to improve team productivity and seamless collaboration from any location.

While CCaaS and UCaaS solutions have their differences, they are both extremely valuable tools for streamlining and managing business communications especially when applied concurrently.

Read more about our UCaaS solution Collaborate which integrates seamlessly with our contact centre software.

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