How to Conduct a Line Test

If you are experiencing an issue with your single or multi line, such as noise or no dial tone, you can conduct a line test through our My Account portal. This may help to determine whether the issue is internal, i.e. within your equipment, or within the Openreach network. You can then log a fault ticket with our UK based incident management team, who work 24/7 to ensure your services are back up and running as quickly as possible.


Please note, line tests are used as a guide only, and may not be 100% accurate. A line test will not give a result for an ISDN line.


To log in to the portal, click here.


Once you have successfully logged into the My Account portal, click Support and then Line Test on the left-hand menu.


From here, select your CLI (phone number) from the dropdown list. Then click Perform Line Test. As stated in the yellow warning box, please ensure there are no current active calls ongoing.


The following message will appear:


Once the line test has completed, the result will be shown:



In this instance, no fault has been found on the line itself, so we would suggest to carry out internal checks. If you have carried out internal checks and are confident there are no internal issues, you can log a fault ticket. If a suspected fault has been found within the network, this will show as Line Test Failed, along with the resaon, and you can again log this as a fault with us. In any instance, we would advise carrying out internal checks as a precaution.



To see how to log a fault, please click here.