The Background

Agilitas has been operating for more than 30 years, with business taking them throughout the UK as well as across the globe. They provide logistics and services solutions to the maintenance industry and they do it all from their two sites in Nottingham.

The Challenge

Agilitas first came across Daisy Comms because it was looking for a better-managed service solution for its mobile phone requirements. Nick Ball, IT Director at Agilitas said: “We’d been working with Daisy from a mobile phone perspective for a couple of years and one of the things I wanted to do was to rationalise the supply base and start to build partnerships with the IT infrastructure suppliers. Daisy was a good fit and had a lot of propositions so it was a no-brainer.”

After being satisfied with the service and solution Agilitas received from Daisy Comms, the global logistics company then began looking at migrating the rest of its telecom services across to Daisy Comms.

Agilitas became more aware of cyber security threats and were keen to explore how it could better protect themselves. Agilitas were also looking for a future-proof alternative to its ISDN on-premise phone system so that business could continue long after the PSTN Switch Off.

The Solution

Account manager, Sam Eggington, took on the Agilitas account a year ago and quickly set to work building a relationship with Nick and spending time with him to learn about Agilitas and how best he could help increase productivity and add value to the current solutions it had.

It was clear that, as well as offering multiple mobile deals across multiple networks and bringing them under one bill, Agilitas was also in need of a cybersecurity offering and a more comprehensive, future-proofing phone system.

Nick said: “There’s an ever-increasing threat with hackers, ransomware attacks and so we were looking for a next-generation anti-virus solution.

“We went out to the market to look into various things and contacted Daisy to see what they had. Out of the solutions we were offered, Daisy Comms came out on top as the best fit for the business. Their cyber security solution provides everything we need in terms of 24/7 managed support and that also means I don’t have to increase the IT team.”

“We also had an on-premise Mitel PBX platform which is ISDN but with the PSTN Switch Off coming soon we had to look at other solutions. We looked at upgrading the Mitel platform so that it was SIP capable and again we contacted Daisy who introduced us to the 8×8 solution which is a full SIP and cloud-based solution.”

As well as providing Agilitas with a cyber security solution, we also deployed a contact centre product as well as a fleet of business mobiles allowing the business to give its customers a better experience and improved service.

Account Manager, Sam, added: “Agilitas were using on-site telephony but there was a need for a contact centre environment to better serve their customers. After working closely with Nick, we put a proposal together to help them better serve their customers.

“From a cybersecurity point of view, Agilitas takes an endpoint detection resolution solution from us which is a full protection suite for the business. They also take business mobiles from us which is a solution providing multiple mobiles on different networks but we provide them with one bill, making it easier for Agilitas to manage.”

The Result

As a result of the solutions provided by Daisy Comms, Agilitas now have 24/7/365 security protection, ensuring critical business data remains safe and secure. The protection Agilitas opted for also means any threat is dealt with automatically, saving time and resources for the business.

Nick explained: “The reason we selected the cyber security product from Daisy Comms was that it was a fully managed solution. Lots of the other solutions we looked at required input from the Agilitas IT team but this product does the intervention, does the resolve, does the restoration and we get the report. There’s no overhead increase on our part.”

Agilitas also wanted to switch from an on-premise phone system to a hosted telephony product. Not only does the switch mean Agilitas are prepared for the PSTN Switch Off but it also gives the business a whole host of additional features, adding to the experience it can offer their customers.

Nick added: “Within the phone system solution, also took the contact centre option which gives us a large number of additional functions and features. We now have the ability to utilise artificial intelligence, speech recognition, call prompts, and call analytics.

“The contact centre gives us real-time visibility and management of how the agents are working and how they’re responding. It’s got SLA metrics within it so it can do alerting and ensures we can deliver accurate and professional support in the contact centre, to the customers. With us being in the break-fix industry, we’re dealing with priority one escalations and issues so responding within a timely manner is critical and with the contact centre solution, we can do just that.”

Bringing all its telecoms into one provider was something Nick wanted to do and, with the products Daisy Comms offered, it made it easy to choose solutions to fit Agilitas.

Alongside the cyber security and contact centre solutions, Agilitas opted to take business mobiles with Daisy Comms too. Nick said: “Again, from a mobile perspective, the management of the mobile account is driven through a portal. We can manage individual devices ourselves; we can put lots or blocks across data, across roaming capabilities. It’s got the reporting suite in there; all the invoicing is done through there so the account team can use it and we’ve also got the option just to call Daisy up and get them to do it on our behalf.

“I have a great relationship with Daisy Comms, and we’ve been really pleased with the solutions and service we’ve received. When looking at any future communication platform deployments we do, Daisy Comms would be the first people we’d go to.”

“We went out to the market to look into various things and contacted Daisy to see what they had. Out of the solutions we were offered, Daisy Comms came out on top as the best fit for the business. Their cyber security solution provides everything we need in terms of 24/7 managed support and that also means I don’t have to increase the IT team.”

Nick Ball IT Director, Agilitas

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